How To Keep Your Dental Implants Healthy For A Long Time?
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How To Keep Your Dental Implants Healthy For A Long Time?

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How To Keep Your Dental Implants Healthy For A Long Time?

The best way to replace your missing teeth is to get dental implants – the procedure has a success rate of up to 98% which makes it one of the most performed, favoured and effective dental procedures in the domain of Dental Science.

Dental implants could boost your self-esteem, make you feel more confident when you talk, laugh and smile. People with a beautiful smile get away with anything, and once you’ve had dental implants, you too will have the Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamt of. 

Do Dental Implants Need Special Care?

You might’ve heard that dental implants function just like natural teeth and they are better in a few ways compared to our natural teeth like they aren’t vulnerable to decay and sensitivity the same way our natural teeth are. But this does not mean that we leave them unattended or their maintenance isn’t important. You have a piece of metal inside your mind; you don’t even want to imagine the worst-case scenarios.

You must know how to take care and maintain your dental implants because it is no less important than it is for your natural teeth. To reap the full benefits of your dental implants, you have to make sure that they’re well kept and are in good shape.

Below are a few tips that will keep your dental implant in good shape for a long time.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Brush gently but thoroughly

Brushing is the necessity of maintaining good oral hygiene. After getting implants, you need to revise your brushing strategy. Use of soft brush, you could get one which is specially made for people with dental implants, use that brush to clean those hard-to-reach areas. Ideally, you should brush for 4-5 minutes as this will remove and clean any plaque that might’ve accumulated.

Floss regularly

Only a fraction of the Canadian population is said to floss every night before they sleep, which means that almost more than half of Canadian adults aren’t flossing and this is bad, even for people who don’t have dental implants.

If you also think that flossing is just a drag, then its time you change your thinking especially if you’ve got implants. Flossing regularly have proven to remove the plaque that is formed around the implant, although your implant isn’t susceptible to decay, but it be reason for other oral hygiene problems like bad breath, etc. Today, there are many types of flosses available for people who have dental implants, so that leaves you with no excuse for not flossing.

Drinks And Smokes Have To Go

Smoking isn’t good for anything, neither for your lungs, neither for your heart, nor for your dental implants. The first six months is the healing time for implants, for this period you have to completely forget about smoking as it will reduce the blood supply to your gums and that could be detrimental to dental implants.

Drinking excessive alcohol slows down the overall healing process of your dental implants, that’s why next time you go to the club, have some soda instead of alcohol as you’ll be doing yourself a favour.

If you’re thinking to get Dental Implants in Mississauga, then you’ve come to the right place as we have some of the leading Dental surgeons that are capable of fixing teeth that many might’ve deemed unfixable.

Taranjit Chowdhary