Meet the Team - World Drive Dentistry
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Meet the Team

Meet The Staff of World Drive Dentistry

Dr. Nilu Keshary

Our Principal Dentist Dr.Nilu Keshary loves to provide you and your family the best options for building and keeping your Dental Health.With over twenty years of experience in providing gentle caring Dental care ,she is particularly fond of providing her patients the very best care by using the latest materials techniques and technology that is available.

Dr Nilu Keshary loves working on youngsters providing them with sound advise that forms the foundation of their long term Dental health!

She loves the outdoors and travelling whenever she gets a chance.She is always making time to be close to nature and admire the amazing sights ,sounds, and smells in the many spots that we in Canada are blessed to have!

The brand new office in mississauga would love to have the opportunity to be your dental services provider ,drop in and meet our amazing team and see our facilities!

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