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Digital Office

World Drive Dentistry invests in cutting edge dental technologies, procedures and materials to enhance patient care. For you, this means dental treatment can be delivered with precise accuracy and greater comfort in a safe and timely fashion.

Read below to discover how modern technology at our practice will improve your dental experience and long term oral health:

Digital OPG

An Orthopantomogram (OPG) is a scanning device specifically designed to capture a panoramic, two-dimensional, ear-to-ear view of a patient’s upper and lower jaw. This produces clear X-rays of the teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joints (TMJ) with speed, convenience and low radiation exposure for patients.

It is a valuable diagnosis tool and assists in planning suitable treatment options for individual patients, including: general overviews of teeth and wisdom teeth, planning orthodontic treatment, assessment for the placement of dental implants and diagnosing TMJ problems.

Low dose digital X-rays

Low dosage digital X-ray technology has significantly improved the safety of our patients and practice. They emit 90 per cent less radiation compared to traditional film X-rays. Better yet, they offer a clearer, more detailed image for better diagnosis of problems that dentists cannot identify in a visual assessment. For example: hidden wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, tumours, abscesses or cysts.

Digital X-rays are extremely advantageous for producing on-the-spot images for our dentists to immediately analyse potential problems in the mouth. This means you can start necessary dental treatment sooner. There’s no need to wait around for results or schedule a second appointment to follow up on findings. You are also spared the expense of having to obtain multiple X-rays or go through costly traditional film processing steps. Lastly, no harmful waste or chemicals are disposed into the environment, as digital X-rays do not use traditional film.

We use the most advanced equipment in dentistry, like high resolution intra-oral cameras that takes such amazing close ups of your teeth that sometimes  reduces the need for X rays.

Cutting down the use of paper wherever possible reducing the need to keep paper copies record notes etc digitalizing record keeping storing X-rays digitally  sharing information securely and effeciently  by using the best technology and techniques available.

We use technologies sensibly putting them to work for you, making your dental care effecient,reliable and cost effective.