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Dentures-partials-complete-Implant supported

Dentures / Partials/  Complete /Implant supported Dentures too!

Dentures  Partials or Complete


Full dentures are a complete set of removable teeth, held in place by suction, that are fitted for patients who have none of their natural teeth. The conventional type of full dentures are placed in the mouth sometimes several months after complete tooth removal, once the gum tissue has healed. Full dentures can also be made in advance, and positioned immediately after all the teeth are extracted. However, these dentures are often just a temporary solution to give the wearer some relief until the final set of dentures can be made. Changes to the gums and jawbone that occur during the natural healing process mean that temporary dentures may need frequent adjustment and realigning during this period.


Partial dentures are used by patients who have lost a few teeth , but need to fill in the gaps where teeth have been lost or removed.  The teeth are fixed to a gum-coloured base, are easy to use and clean .


Benefits of Dentures


Whether full or partial, conventional or immediate, dentures provide significant benefits to the wearer over simply going without. These benefits include:

  • Improved appearance and facial rejuvenation
  • Natural looking teeth and gum colors that complement your mouth
  • Next generation materials that provide excellent fit and contour


Dentures, and their proper care, may take some getting used to. If you would like to learn more about whether dentures or dental implants can improve your quality of life, call  to schedule an appointment where you can speak with a professional about your dental health.

Dentures are a great way to replace some or all teeth lost, they are relatively inexpensive easy to use and maintain.Our office provides a range of solutions to people who have lost a tooth or all teeth.We offer Implant supported Dentures where your dentures are fixed to implants .Our Dentist will provide you the best options for your unique requirements.

Book Your Appointment Today To Discuss if Dentures Are Right For You?


Imagine a beautiful new smile that looks and feels natural with permanent dentures your first consult to discuss whats best for you is free! If you’re on the fence about whether to choose a traditional denture or non-removable kind or want to discuss implant based denture options book your free consultation today.

Do you know anyone with dental implants? You probably do, but unless the person has told you about them, you probably would never guess — because dental implants look just like real teeth. Unlike a traditional denture that sits on the gums, suctioned on by a piece that covers the palate, dental implants are artificial teeth that are permanently held in place by a titanium root that is  concealed in your upper or lower jaw. They don’t come out, come loose, or fall out. In fact, over time, you are likely to forget they’re not your real teeth.


Implant Based Dentures – Benefits

Now you have the option of having complete dentures that are implant based there’s more to dental implants than just improving your aesthetics. Your permanent dentures are made just for you and surgically placed  implants provide the support required.

    • Provide  functionality and bite force, so you can eat your favourite foods without difficulty
    • Little or no pain and downtime while healing
    • Buffering against future bone loss in the jaw, thus protecting your other teeth
    • Long-lasting results
    • Complete immunity from cavities
    • The self-assurance that comes with a beautiful, natural, confident smile
    • Newer options simpler options that work


Implants – Denture Alternative

If all your upper or lower teeth are missing or need to replaced, then an “Implant Supported Denture”, also known as an “All On 4 Implant” is the better option for you.  An All On 4 Implant is a full set of teeth that sit on four posts installed in your mouth.  These are permanent dentures that won’t need to be removed, are sturdy and can’t have food particles and other substances find their way underneath.  What better way to have dentures without the pastes, soaking and instability.  In addition, they support bone health and facial structure, unlike traditional dentures.


What To Expect

All remaining teeth will need to be removed and 4 posts are implanted into either / or both the upper and lower jaw.   The posts will need to heal the same amount of time as a single implant would.  Once healed then your full set of dentures can be installed attaching permanently to the four posts.  Once installed your teeth will be secure and not need to be removed and soaked like traditional dentures.