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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Simple and complex Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dentist in Mississauga, Ontario

We remove  wisdom teeth using close monitoring methods, latest equipment and special techniques that are best for your unique condition.

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are the last teeth to erupt into the mouth and may not begin to emerge until late teens or early twenties. Most people get four wisdom teeth – one in each corner of the mouth.


The arrival of these late-breaking teeth can cause trouble as they are often impacted (trapped in the jawbone) because there is not enough room for them in the mouth. Our jaws are a lot smaller than those of our early human ancestors, who needed bigger jaws and more teeth for the type of food they chewed. In most people, wisdom tooth extraction can do more harm than good and we often recommend their removal.

wisdom tooth extraction can cause harmful effects in your mouth which include sudden and severe discomfort, infection and misalignment of other teeth. With out the proper room for wisdom teeth they can grow out at odd angles or remain trapped below the gumline. Adjacent teeth can become prone to decay because of the unfavourable position of the wisdom tooth extraction.

By looking at your medical history, examining your teeth and taking x-rays, we’re better able to predict if your wisdom tooth extraction may cause distress in the future. If you have a current or potential dental problem, early removal may be necessary. We can help, it’s much better to get a planned and timely removal of wisdom tooth extraction at your convenience rather than taking a chance and being put through a lot of inconvenience and pain. If your wisdom tooth extraction need removal due to pain or infection (or both)we will plan what’s best for you and then advise you . Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. Medication, close monitoring, and special cleaning techniques are sometimes enough. Consult with us and Dr Nilu will perform a thorough intra and extra oral exam and advise you on your best options.

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