Hygienist Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Dental in Mississauga
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Teeth Whitening

Hygienist Teeth Cleaning & Whitening Dental in Mississauga

Our teeth cleaning & whitening services primarily contain hygienist examination of sensitivity, a defined price & practical dental advice in Mississauga .

So, you want to whiten your teeth.

Maybe you know exactly what whitening product you want to use or maybe you are like most people and unsure as to what to try.  You have many things to consider before using  over the counter brands.  Dentistal office  tooth whitenting services include, include,examination evaluation of sensitivity to hot and cold,  a defined price and advise whether you really need to whiten your teeth.Make use of our specials.


What to Expect

Aging, stains, and medications such as tetracycline can dull your smile. Dr.Nilu evaluates and confirms the whitening procedure which best suits your individual situation.  Our cleaners whiten and brighten your teeth from the inside out using the Ivory system from Kulzer. You can opt for an in-office whitening session, a take-home kit, or both. If you want a brighter, more vibrant smile, contact Dr. Nilu’s helpful staff or book a teeth whitening session online today.


Why a Tooth Whitening Services Are Better

Professional tooth whitening procedures in a dental office are safer and better controlled and avoid the risk of over the counter or cleaners sold online, that you may not know what chemicals they contain.

We recommend that all whitening treatments be done after a recent dental hygiene cleaning. If you do not remove all of the plaque from your teeth prior to tooth whitening treatment it may not generate the desired results you were hoping for.  Dr Nilu will help you make that decision by examining your teeth by providing you relevant information that will help you decide if a one hour whitening treatment at our dental clinic Mississauga or take home whitening treatment is better for you and your specific teeth.

Teeth Whitening Service

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